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Media Tech

Media has evolved a long way since the invention of the radio in the 1860s. With the advancements in society and technology there have been an almost equal amount of advancements in the media sectors. There is no doubt that information assists humans in making sound judgement, critical problem solving and research. However the power that media tech offers people is to receive information in a speedy and efficient manner, thus adding to the benefit of information.

A variety of media devices are now available to receive information in this day and age. With the advancements in media technologies it has become an ever increasing trend for people to use this new technology for social purposes. This includes the distribution of mail (e-mail), sharing stories and images, connecting with friends and family, and providing feedback or reviews for products and services.

radio technology


Radios were one of the first forms of modern media which were originally developed in the 1860s. There were variations of designs and models however these became more streamlined throughout the years. Radio was one of the first forms of technology that actually used broadcasting of invisible waves to transmit information throughout the world. This led to many great inventions and ideas in the coming centuries in human technological development. Today, radio frequencies are used by the military in both naval testing and RADAR usage to detect potential threats entering a region of airspace.

phone technology


Telephones began development in the 1870s and were an innovative technology that greatly increased efficiency among humans. Prior to telephones telegraphs were used to transmit messages long distance quickly. Prior to telegraphs the only way to do this was through physical mail which was a slow and arduous delivery process. The development of telephones allowed a person to share a message almost instantly with another individual anywhere in the world. The once common “landline” phone system may soon be a thing of the past as new technological advances develop in cell phone, mobile phone and smart phone technology.

television technology


Telecommunications took another drastic turn in the 1920s when the television first made its debut. This device allowed for the first time ever the ability to capture and replay moving images to tell a story. Prior to this photography was an innovative technology which allowed images to be capture in life like definition and detail. With the development of television technology the ability to relay news became improved greatly. News media evolved dramatically with the ability to broadcast live images from around the world real time to update the world on our current events.


Mobile Phones

1983 was the magical year in which cell phones hit the public market for the first time. Mobility however was not one of it’s fortes. Mobile phones, cell phones and smart phone technology have reached to almost every part of the world today. These devices allow users to connect with friends and family members from anywhere in the world sharing media through services like facebook, twitter and news outlets. The development of this technology has allowed experiences and ideas to spread with lightning speed around the world.

computer technology


The first personal computer that came about was in 1970 called the DATAPOINT 2200 however scientists were using IBM mainframes since as early as the 1950s to store, analyze and access large amounts of data quickly. Computers began as calculating and analytic devices however since the 1980s many more advantages of these devices has been put to use. Now computers are utilized for a host of activities including work, analysis, simulations, video games, media, communication and entertainment.

laptop technology


Laptops are essentially the mobile phones of computers. The first laptop that reached the commercial market was the Osborne 1 which launched in 1981. This invention helped to spur the ideas that formed the first commercial mobile phones as well. Laptops have become an essential for the businessman who is on the go and requires frequent travel plans to meet clients. Laptops today have reached a level that almost mirrors the capabilities of computers with the exception of top end hardware which cannot be condensed for portable use.

tablet technology


Tablet devices are a hybrid between smart phones and laptops and are one of the hottest new technologies on the market today. Tablets allow much more mobility and ease of use in a variety of situations while providing additional features that would be expected on a laptop. Tablets are characterized by their thin physique and large monitor for media usage. Although tablet technology is still fairly new, the evolution of these devices have come a long way since their initial release. The earliest tablets were in development by Microsoft in 1999 and 2000 however due to a variety of issues these did not become popular with consumers, it wasn’t until 2010 with the launch of the iPad that the tablet market got a jump start.