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solar energy

Solar Energy

The solar energy we are used to seeing in solar power panels is referred to as photovoltaic systems which captures the heat and energy emitted from the sun. Additionaly solar energy is used in architecture and heating.

geothermal energy


Geothermal energy is applied by using heat created within the Earth to power turbines typically by pumping water into a heated pocket of the Earth creating steam emissions to spin turbines similar to a natural geyser.



Hydroelectricity is created by using the movement of water bodies to spin turbines to create electricity through friction. Popularly used by farmers and ranchers in water wheels these have been applied in dams and nuclear power development.

kinetic energy

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the energy created by an object in motion. It is defined as the amount of energy required to take an object not in motion to a given velocity. Gravity is often a factor in the analysis of kinetic energy on Earth and throughout the Universe.

magnetic energy

Magnetic Energy

Magnetic energy is a common but often unnoticed force which affects the daily lives of all life on Earth. Without polar magnetism our planet would be bombarded with solar radiation making it impossible for the myriad complex living organisms to thrive.

nuclear energy

Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy or nuclear fusion is a result of the scientific developments from the arms race of World War II and essentially equates to creating a sun like phenomenons to produce heat which evaporates water into vapors to power turbines.



Electricity is the backbone of our power infrastructure system and almost all forms of energy production used currently are designed with the intention of creating electricity through various means to power our growing world.

fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are created through anaerobic decomposition from the tissues of dead living organisms which have been buried for an extended period of time. Typically these are created from microorganisms or plant life and contain high amounts of carbon.

renewable resources

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy involves searching for energy sources which do not degrade and are not in limited supply like fossil fuels. Currently solar power and wind energy are the two most feasible forms of renewable energy technology.