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With the latest energy news at your fingertips, keep up with the changes and trends what could be the dawn of a new age for the production of power to sustain our society. Energy resources and development of technology to produce power and electricity make up a sector of business which is experiencing exponential growth. The values of efficient, clean, eco-friendly and renewable resources have been emphasized by the scientific community and is actively being integrated into sectors of business, government and military establishments.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly just called fracking, is the process of harvesting energy from shale in the form of oil sands which are rich in fossil fuels. Debates are heating up as proponents for and against shale energy from fracking stir to question whether it is really as environmentally friendly as it was once thought to be, making it essential to understand the process of how fracking works.

The ability to harness kinetic energy may just be the next generation of renewable energy resources. Research into the technology have already resulted in the production of many globally distributed products aimed at providing electricity for regions which are less fortunate and off the power grid.

The moser lamp uses refraction of light to illuminate a room using nothing more than the sunlight, water and bottle. A revolution in clean energy technology, this idea is helping many in impoverished regions where electricity is not present or too expensive to create indoor lighting for practically free after installation.

Solar energy is a renewable power resource which is generated by capturing energy emitted from radiant light in photovoltaic systems (PV). PV systems are what we know as solar power panels, cells, or modules. Although acquiring energy from the sun for electricity seems like a viable option for renewable energy, it is still a costly endeavor.

Geothermal energy uses the energy inside the Earth created from the heat generated by gravity compressing particles our planet’s core. Pockets of thermal wells are used to heat water which can then run steam generators to create energy for the power grid. Thermal energy flows through conductors to boil liquids into steam to power turbines.

Discoveries in the science fields of biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy have allowed research and development of innovative new renewable energy resources which could be used in the near future for sustainable power systems to generate electricity for our power grid. Solar power is the particular favorite of proponents of clean energy resources and investments into this sector have increased significantly in the past decade.