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Military personnel are often the true unsung heroes of our society making it possible to enjoy freedom, equality and relative peace as a result of their service in combat zones and conflicts worldwide. Since the beginning of the war on terror in 2001 research and funding into military technology have ramped up dramatically making it one of the most lucrative industries worldwide and a priority for the United States. Research into weapons, unmanned drones and vehicles, body armor, detection systems, intelligence, camouflage, medical technology and tactics have seen a spike to give operational forces a distinct advantage on the battlefield.

The U.S. Navy showcased their railgun weapon technology, an experimental but functional solution to precision strikes. The weapon system uses electromagnetic energy conducted down a pair of rails to fire a shell at speeds up to Mach 7. The railgun could prove to become a cost effective solution to improving long range precision strike capabilities for the Navy.

Electrical stimulation to the dorsolateral prefrontal could help improve cognitive functions of military personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base according to some neuroscientists. Research is underway to see if brain stimulation can help the U.S. Armed Forces create future soldiers by increasing attention and accelerating learning abilities thus lowering training time for soldiers.

Torpedoes have posed a unique problem for naval vessels since their advent during WWI. Due to a variety of deployment systems and types of torpedoes anti-torpedo defense systems have been a concern for the U.S. Navy. New developments from Pennsylvania State University might solve this problem in the near future.

The genocide in Cambodia at the hands of the Khmer Rouge occurred in the early 1970’s and is still considered to be one of the most senseless of its kind today. Military intervention from foreign nations was nonexistent until Vietnam stepped in to overthrow the brutal regime of Pol Pot after threats were made towards them.

The civil war in Syria is one of the world’s conflicts that still appears in headlines around the world. However despite the publicity of this event, many of the factors leading up to this conflict have been omitted from the public’s eye. War torn Syria was once thought of as another revolution spurred by the Arab Spring, however international politics caused this conflict to draw out longer.

Serving in the military is often viewed as being one of the greatest honors one can do for their country and its citizens however this does not come without cost for the soldiers that put their lives at risk. Cases of PTSD, depression and life altering injuries have caused many veterans to feel as if their countries have forgotten about them or simply do not care. It is essential for the citizens of a nation to give back to their troops that defend their way of life by ensuring they get proper medical care, family care, education and jobs when they return home. Programs like the Wounded Warrior Project help to ensure our heroes coming home get the help they need to assimilate back in civilian society.