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Technology is a concept which is almost entirely unique to humans and helps to distinguish us from other organisms in the natural world. Technology refers to the creation, implementation and modification using konwledge to generate tools, machines, systems, organization and techniques which can be applied through problem sovling to alleviate burdens and achieve a specific goal. Science is typically seen as going hand in hand with technological advancements as research helps to acquire the knowledge needed to implement an idea or product for use by humanity.

The Solar Impulse 2 is the latest solar powered plane to take flight from Switzerland with cutting edge technology. The aircraft is one of the first to carry no fuel supply but instead has solar energy panels installed across its wingspan which recharge lithium-ion batteries. After further tests the technology company Solar Impulse planes to attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 2015.

Wearable bionic suits and robotic exoskeletons might provide solutions to disabled and paralyzed people in the near future. Individuals dealing with paralysis and injuries often lose a sense of identity without the ability to function as many perceive normally. Biomechanics and biotechnology may have a solution in the near future to provide an enhanced quality of life for the paralyzed.

New bomb detecting laser technology may be the latest improvement to airport security at security checkpoints in the coming years. Utilizing a single beam laser with varying pulses this technology has the ability to pick up trace chemical residue from explosive materials quickly avoiding the need for invasive searches on travelers.

Silicon nanoparticles are could be used in the latest energy storage technology based on the research being conducted by chemical engineers out of Stanford University. Current application are being developed in lithium-ion batteries for possible commercial manufacturing which have the capability to store a greater charge for portable devices.

Research into stealth technology to cloak sound waves has had a dramatic breakthrough in its application towards 3 dimensional objects by encasing them in a plastic shell precisely designed to deflect and absorb sound. This research is highly anticipated by Naval Researchers and city planners for RADAR cloaking and sound pollution suppression devices.

Technological advancements have been increasing exponentially throughout the past decades leading to highly advanced products and concepts which continue to be refined everyday. The use of technology in modern culture has made this one of the largest economically influenced sectors by governments in recent years. Everything from space exploration to military defense rely on the latest high tech developments to help achieve an edge over the competition.