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Education Technology

Education is a system of maintaining habits from one group of people to the next generation which is done through knowledge provided by a teacher to be absorbed and understood by the student. The ability to comprehend and analyze information is a unique capability which humans excel at due to the complexity of our language. Education is largely dependent on the communication abilities of both the teacher and the student making it an imperative factor in the learning process.

Schools are system setup to provide the infrastructural backbone of the education system in most modern nations. Children are expected to attend elementary school, middle school and high school before graduation to the level of college education. Community colleges form a basis for large populations of people to receive higher education who are then moved into Universities for graduate studies. Without educational systems in place humanity would be in a perpetual dark age stagnating in a world that cannot grow off its self.

The importance of having educational systems is necessary for providing advancements in science, technology, government and military operations as well as providing resources for private and commercial sectors to operate more efficiently. Today a vast array of ideas and knowledge are molded into the minds of students who wish to better themselves with the gain of knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Educational systems have been traced back to the Greeks and Chinese in ancient civilizations and it is considered to be a key factor in the formation of civilizations. Culture, language, science and technology are all possible through the ongoing evolution of ideas set about by previous generations. Through education we are able to learn from past mistakes and develop tactics to combat the issues our generation faces.

Knowledge is the key to the advancement of human civilizations and is an ever essential facet of first world nations. The comparison of educational standards between nations is an ongoing competition which is currently being put to the test in a friendly competition of math and science scores of first world nations.

Advancements in technology have only spurred the ability of our educational systems to reach levels which were once unimaginable. The ability to transmit data from around the world almost instantly through internet technology, media devices and other outlets has allowed humans the ability to access almost any type of information from the comforts of their home.