science technology


Science is the observation and analysis of data through experiments to prove laws or disprove theories in biology, chemistry and physics for research towards technological advancements. Science is the search for truth in the mysteries of the universe.



Technology not only provides enlightenment but allows humanity to shape their environment by emulating the laws of nature and innovating methods of research, development and application which has allowed humans to uniquely adapt their environment around us.

energy technology


Energy is perhaps the most essential resource and sector in the modern world as it is the driving factor in allowing technological advancements and maintaining consumption demands. Energy technology is a focal point for governments worldwide as we try to lower costs while maintaining environmental conservation.

military technology


The military and defense sector receives some of the largest funding by the federal government and is instrumental in driving the evolution and advancements in other sectors. Military technology continues to advance with increased fundings in research and development towards creating better equipment.



Biotechnology is the study of living systems or organisms to produce products, medicine, energy and enhance the yield of agriculture for an increasing consumer demand. Developments in biotechnology are used in genome mapping, fuel research, forensics and security technologies.

tech news

Tech News

Science and technology news are often overshadowed by entertainment, politics and war, however developments in the tech sector have a tremendous impact on the lives of all humans. Technological advancements have compounded exponentially throughout the past decades making it difficult to stay up to date.