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Biotechnology refers to technology which is developed to mimic, enhance or alter the biology of an organism. This typcially pertains to the cellular manipulation of biomolecules or genetic engineering to create a product for commercial use. Today biotechnology is used with microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria to alter the chemical production capabilities of useful materials for use in food sources, energy and medicine. Pharmaceuticals are one of the leading areas driving research and development in the biotechnology industry.

Scientists from Switzerland have discovered a more efficient process of producing biofuels called consolidated bioprocessing. Research coming from Swiss scientists has found a way to consolidate the three preliminary processes of biofuel production by creating a genetically modified microorganism using principles of bioengineering and molecular biology to produce ethonal and butanol.

Plant pathologists, botanists, genetic biologists and energy researchers are turning the biotechnology world upside down with the latest research in biofuels and plant immunity. Bioengineered bacteria may be the key to the green and efficient way to harvest biofuels from plants like switch grass while genetic engineering may help boost the immunity of food crop plants against pathogens.

The Proteus microchip may revolutionize the health care industry by allowing doctors and care takers to accurately monitor a patients dose of select drugs. This microchip is crossing the boundaries of biotechnology and health care by providing insight into the key vital statistics from a patient to a doctor electronically.

Cellulose is a common naturally occurring substance which makes up the cell walls of plants but cannot be digested by humans. Biologists have recently discovered a way to convert cellulose into starches which can be consumed by humans leaving almost no waste products since the excess biomass can be used to create biofuels.

Synthetic biology is currently being researched to help humanity by using processes of bioengineering to manipulating living organisms to produce commercial products such as energy resources and pharmaceuticals. Genetic manipulation is being studied by biologists and chemists to alter the byproducts of yeast for biofuels.

Some of the leading research into biotechnology is being implemented for clean energy supplies, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medicine, biofuels and manufacturing and to improve our environmental sustainability. Little known to many, scientists have already devised methods being used today to increase agricultural yields significantly and an excess of 250 products are being used in the health care industry from biotech research.