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Biology News

Biology is considered to be a natural science which focuses on studying life, living organisms, living systems, cell structure, evolution, genetics, ecosystems and environmental conditions that support life. Biologists are responsible for the creation of the taxonomy of living organisms which helps to classify and define similarities in organisms. Latest developments in research biology are defined as synthetic biology which deals with development of biofuels, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals for consumer use. Genetics and bioengineering are currently receiving a large amount of funding to allow scientists to research the human immune system and disease treatment.

Water treatment plants have long been a necessary facility for society however one which consumes energy from our power grid. Research into biotechnology could change that in the near future allowing these water treatment plants to generate electricity by converting waste water to energy with microbial fuel cells while still filtering and cleaning water supplies.

Biology is divided into several subdisciplines: biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, physiology, evolutionary biology and ecology. Each of these pertain to a specific scale of organisms and are broken down further to provide a focus on more specific forms of study. The first recorded use of biology was found in 1736 by Linnaeus and has continued to be a prevalent scientific study since then. Despite the relatively recent use of the term, biological studies go back many centuries although these were often referred to under different names.